This course aims mainly at providing IUL computer engineering with high decision-aid engineering training. This academic achievement is doubly versatile : 

On the one hand, our engineer shall receive advanced training in big data engineering and business intelligence: design and development of Big Date applications (Hodoop, MapReduce, HDFS), data warehouse design, database development and administration, decision support information systems analysis and design, Virtualization, Cloud Computing and data center, … including basic training in algorithmics and advanced programming, Web and computer networks development, etc.  

On the other hand, he/she will also receive mandatory fundamentals in statistics, data analysis, data mining and machine learning.

This doubly versatile training is supported by courses in entrepreneurship, sociology, communication and languages.

Through this teaching content, IUL computer engineering shall be able to acquire the tools and techniques to analyze all kind of issues relating to big data and to offer appropriate, innovative and quality computer solutions. Institute graduates will also be able to undertake an approach to develop a customized control panel for decision support systems (DSS).

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