Bachelor of Computer science

Master of computer sciences

 Computer Science is the study and understanding of computing activities, including theory, abstraction and applications of the principles and methodologies of the development of computer systems (software and hardware). Information, its structure, representation, and utilization, is of critical importance in the overall understanding of the field of computing. Computers are now used in virtually every aspect of modern life; as a result, career opportunities for computer scientists and information system specialists are extremely diverse.

Upon graduation students will:

– Be competent in theoretical and mathematical foundations of computer science.

– Be proficient in one programming language and have a basic knowledge of several others and be able to write efficient solutions to specific problems using an object-oriented programming language.

– Understand the hardware and software architecture of computer systems.

– Demonstrate the ability to participate in professional practices related to software engineering.

– Be able to communicate effectively about computer science related topics.

– Demonstrate the ability to be responsible practitioners of computer science and understand the social and ethical implications of computing and be able to recognize and, when appropriate, to resolve ethical problems or dilemma related to the computing profession.